Feelings before departure - By Emanuele Politi

It's almost time for us to pack our stuff and go. Time flies and the beginning that was far and quite a blur until yesterday, is now approaching rapidly. None of us know exactly what to expect from Lesbos. A calm anxiety surrounds us. I can feel it growing in me. Sindhuja will be our vanguard in the refugee camp of Moria, where thousand of refugees have spent the last months of their life. This name sounds unwelcoming to me, like the ancient cave in the mountain where dwarfs have found the devil. But this is not a fancy tale, this is reality. Then, what does Moria represent to those people fleeing from persecution and war? Is it the beginning of new opportunities or the betrayal of faded hopes?

Someone may think we are a bunch of naive fools, who believe a difference can be made by changing the way this unwelcoming place is experienced by its inmates. Someone may even think that illegal immigrants do not deserve respect and care. We do and we won't be navigating this visionary experience alone. We will be rather part of a team comprising teachers, social workers and psychologists and hopefully we will be able to contribute towards the identification and recognition process of people, who first and foremost want to be recognized as human beings and treated accordingly. We don't know in advance whether we will succeed or fail. We cannot tell you now whether we will be of some utility to others or we will only benefit ourselves. Whatever will be the conclusion, we will report sincerely what we see and what we feel openly. For those who want to follow us and ask more information, this is the bridge between you and us, this is the place were we can write and debate. Do not hesitate to make our experience yours.


Emanuele Politi, Sindhuja Sankaran, & Marion Chipeaux. 


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